Our Motto

Groundwater is our métier

Our Vision

GeoTruth Consult aims to be recognised as:
A partner of choice by our clients;
Delivering services based on real needs;
Technologically advanced in our fields of expertise while remaining practical and business oriented;
Adding value to clients’ projects;
Being worthy of clients’ confidence by remaining accountable for our actions.

Our Mission

GeoTruth Consult provides expert advice and solutions for clients requiring specialised services, mainly in the fields of groundwater quality and quantity evaluation, geotechnics, renewable energy, wastewater management and the environment.

Our Philosophy

Clients: GeoTruth Consult believes that, in order to succeed, we must contribute to the success of our clients. That no client is a percentage of our success but that every project entrusted us succeeds.
Staff: The firm’s performance and abilities are only as good as the staff we are able to attract, develop and retain.
Technology: A cornerstone of GeoTruth Consult’s philosophy is to develop and embrace new technologies and methodologies to the advantage of our clients and our business.
Co-operation: GeoTruth Consult encourages co-operation and communication between its human resource and all stakeholders, and works with local and international partners to the best advantage of clients.
Growth: It is GeoTruth Consult’s view that growth of our business must be in response to the requirements of clients. Growth can only be pursued with a carefully selected team.

Our Quality Policy

Borehole drilling is a costly affair that should be executed with precision. Thus, the success of a drilling program is only as good as the quality and degree of confidence of the survey works. Hence, GeoTruth Consult serves to precisely identify the most suitable locations and make appropriate recommendations thereof that will serve to avoid losses. We aim to provide value for money, deliver quality service and consistently exceed our customer’s expectations by:

  • identifying and meeting customer requirements;
  • ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations and requirements regarding the services provided;
  • recruiting highly qualified staff and improving the skills of employees in order to maintain the quality of products and services that meet, or exceed, customer expectations;
  • optimizing the performance and maintaining strict monitoring protocols of the project throughout its duration in order to meet desired requirements;
  • continually identifying, assessing and implementing measures and steps that improve the firm’s Quality Management System.