Groundwater Management & Hydrogeology 2
Groundwater Management & Hydrogeology 1

Groundwater Management & Hydrogeology

  • Aquifer characterisation: depth, thickness, yield and quality assessment before drilling with a high degree of confidence.
  • Local and regional aquifer and water quality assessment and modelling. This is a useful resource for land valuation for prospective developers in regard to its groundwater potential.
  • Saline-fresh water delineation and monitoring of contamination in aquifers.
  • Design and construction of artificial aquifer recharge systems.
  • Borehole drilling contract management and supervision to meet Kenyan and international standards.
  • Borehole design and construction in accordance with the Kenyan and international standards.
  • Borehole testpumping supervision and data analysis and interpretation.
  • Borehole camera analysis.
  • Borehole completion record reports.
  • Mine dewatering design and implementation.