Welcome to GeoTruth Consult

Who we are

GeoTruth Consult is a firm of professional, highly skilled and experienced geologists drawn from a plethora of geological disciplines, water professionals, and environmental scientists focused on productivity, uncompromised success and resource protection and management.
GeoTruth Consult serves corporate, private and individual parties in the fields of groundwater and environmental investigations; geotechnical investigations; drilling contract management and supervision; borehole design and construction and borehole completion record reports.

Our Expertise

Groundwater Management & Hydrogeology

Aquifer characterisation: depth, thickness, yield and quality assessment before drilling with a high degree of confidence.

Surface Water Management and Hydrology

Mine water management,Agricultural water management, Surface and soil water quality and monitoring assessments,Water resource ris

Geotechnical Studies & GIS

Cave and void detection for heavy machinery,Dam and levee inspection to locate points of leakage, Overburden thickness for foundation

Mineral Prospecting & Resource Mapping

Industrial minerals and rocks; construction rocks quarry, assessments and valuation, Hydrocarbons; geothermal vents.

ESIA and Renewable Energy

ESIA studies for proposed groundwater and development projects, Energy Audits, Solar Systems design and installation:

What our clients say

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